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Motor Vehicle Violations and traffic offenses happen to almost all drivers throughout their lifetime, and although speeding tickets are the most common traffic violation, there are several traffic violations that could impact you, your driving record, and your freedom. Your driving privileges are something one cannot afford to lose and can cause severe hardship on the individual and the family. We will fight to have your ticket reduced, changed, or dismissed in order to reduce or eliminate your fines and points. From expensive fines to an increase in insurance rates, getting your license suspended to being arrested (in extreme cases), hiring CDM Law in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania to fight for you could save you, your license, and your record.

No Matter What Your Traffic Violation Needs Are, We Have The Experience And Knowledge To Handle It.

Serious Motor Vehicle Violations require an experienced traffic attorney to fight for you. Call CDM LAW for a free consultation regarding your traffic violation(s).

The Most Common Types of Traffic Tickets in Pennsylvania 

CDM Law will provide you with the legal expertise you need to get the results you want. The following are the most common types of traffic tickets:

  • Speeding

  • Failure to adhere to traffic control devices

  • Running a red light

  • Failing to stop at a stop sign

  • Failure to signal a lane change

  • Careless/reckless driving

  • Failure to use a seat belt

  • Failure to stop for a school bus (overtaking a school bus)

  • Texting while driving

  • Parking tickets

  • Failure to have proper registration/insurance

  • Malfunctioning lights – failure of a rear light or other equipment to operate properly

  • Obstruction hanging from your mirror (be careful of what hangs from your mirror)

  • Failure to stay within a single lane

  • Failure to use a turn signal

  • Special Zones – School Zones, Work Zones, and School Buses are all treated specially under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, with increased penalties, and can have very serious consequences.

Whatever motor vehicle violation you are looking to fight, contact CDM Law today!

What to Expect From a Traffic Ticket

The penalties that you will face from a traffic ticket will vary depending on the violation you committed, its severity, and your past driving record. These penalties include:

  • Fines

  • Points on your driving record

  • Suspension of your license

  • Jail time

You will be provided a ticket in person, or by mail, that requires you to act. You will usually want to plead not guilty and send the ticket back to the Magisterial District Justice handline your matter (with the required fee). Keep a copy of your ticket and call CDM LAW.

Learn More About Your Options


Pennsylvania Points System

Because Pennsylvania operates on a point-based system for its drivers, each traffic violation causes points to be added to a driver’s record, and each violation is between 2 to 5 points. Once a driver accumulates 6 points, additional penalties—such as having to pass a written driver safety exam—will be required. However, if a driver goes 12 months without a traffic violation, 3 points will be cleared from their driving record.

Driving Under Suspension

Once your license is suspended, you cannot drive until your driving privileges are restored. If you drive while your license is suspended, you will face the possibility of mandatory jail time depending on the offense and/or the number of prior offenses. 1543(b) is a violation for driving under a DUI suspended license, and this offense carries serious consequences including fines, additional license suspension, and mandatory jail time. 1543(a) is an offense for driving under suspension but is not DUI-related.

Traffic Accidents

There are often motor vehicle violations and traffic citations issued after a traffic accident. Be careful, as the consequences of a plea can have serious repercussions if there is an injury or injury. A plea could lead to consequences and liability for resulting injuries in a civil matter.


Have you already pled guilty or were found guilty? Do not worry, you have thirty (30) days from the date of your conviction to file an appeal (summary appeal). A summary appeal is an appeal of a summary conviction that is handled at the Court of Common Pleas by a judge. You are entitled to a trial de novo (a new trial) where the Commonwealth will be forced to prove your guilt.

What if you are past thirty (30) days? If you are past your appeal period, then you can file a summary appeal “nunc pro tunc” and ask the court to forgive the untimeliness of the motion due to your unique situation. Your appeal is not guaranteed, but it is still possible.

Don’t let your traffic violations make you pay unnecessary fines, cause your license to be suspended, or lead to you being arrested—contact CDM Law in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania today!