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Civil Litigation Attorney
in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

When you need a Civil Litigation Firm, you need CDM Law in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Did you suffer damages as a result of the actions of another? Civil Disputes often require extensive knowledge in multiple areas of law and a single action can have multiple civil wrongs – and you need a firm who can handle all aspects of your case. Civil Litigation requires knowledge, experience and the ability to go to trial when necessary. The goal in civil litigation is usually monetary compensation or to force a person or entity to do/or refrain from doing an act. Whether your case ends up in arbitration, mediation, or trial, we are ready to handle it. CDM LAW has the EXPERIENCE to fight your CIVIL CASE. With years of experience and extensive knowledge in areas such as contract disputes, torts, business disputes, personal injury, contract negotiations, drafting of documents, corporate disputes, partnership disputes, contractor lawsuits, premise liability, real estate issues, insurance claims and so much more, CDM Law will strive to get you the results you want. CDM LAW is an experienced Montgomery County PA Civil Litigation Firm handling matters in the counties of Montgomery, Philadelphia, Berks, Chester, Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery, Lehigh and the rest of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

No Matter What Your Civil Litigation Needs Are, We Will FIGHT FOR YOU!

Contract Disputes

When one or more parties cannot or will not fulfill the obligations outlined in a contract. If you find yourself in a situation with a party or parties who has breached a contract, then you need CDM Law. CDM Law has extensive experience handling contract disputes between individuals and businesses. We handle Contractor Disputes, breach of contract claims, contract enforcement, contract defense and other civil contract disputes.

Contract/Document Review

Why wait until a problem occurs to read your contract? Have CDM LAW review your contract BEFORE you sign it. Whether you need help negotiating, drafting, or litigating a contract matter, you can trust that CDM LAW has the experience to help you.


A tort is a “civil wrong.” Whether an intentional tort, negligence, malpractice, personal injury, or any other civil wrong, CDM LAW will help you get what you deserve. Tort cases can take many forms, such as:

  • Personal safety

  • Property safety

  • Financial security

  • Personal Injury

  • Enforcement

  • Injunctions

Whatever your tort case may involve, CDM Law has the experience to win your case.

When Faced with a Legal Dispute


Property Disputes

A dispute that involves damage to a person’s property or real estate, as well as property ownership. Did you hire someone to perform work on your house and they did not do as promised? Did the seller of real estate fail to disclose a defect? Landlord/Tenant issues? From tenants who have ruined your rental property to a neighbor crossing property lines and building on your land, CDM Law will handle any and all of your property dispute issues.

Constitutional Claims/Civil Rights Claims

Have you been deprived of Due Process of Law? Have you faced discrimination due to age, race, sex, or any other protected class? Have you been denied your constitutional rights? IF so, then CDM LAW is here to fight for you! Give us a call and let us help you.


An Injunction is a Court Order that forces someone to do or refrain from doing an action. Whether you want to stop someone for infringing on your rights or force someone to do something they are obligated to do, CDM LAW can help.

Business, Financial & Investment Fraud

There are three types of fraud:

  1. Fraud in the factum
    When the terms of a deal are misleading because of the intent of a party to mislead.

  2. Fraud in the execution
    When communications with a party or parties are dishonest and cause you to say or do something out of character for you.

  3. Fraud as a matter of law
    Activities that the law deems as fraudulent by definition.

In Pennsylvania victims of fraud and/or deceptive conduct may have a claim under the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, a successful verdict under the UTPCPL could allow you to recover treble damages and attorney fees. If you are a victim of fraud or deceptive conduct, CDM Law will fight for you to win the justice you deserve.

CDM LAW is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania State and Federal Courts.

Whatever your civil litigation needs may be, CDM Law will get you the results you want and the justice you deserve. Contact CDM Law today!

Waste Contract Services

Are you paying too much for waste services (trash/Recycling)? With years of experience litigating waste service contracts, CDM LAW can help you. Whether you want us to review your current contract, help negotiate a contract, defend you in court, or assist you with your waste service legal issues, CDM LAW can help. You should hire a firm with years of experience litigating service contracts in the waste industry.

Debt Collection

We represent individuals and businesses for the collection of debts and judgments. Whether it’s a personal loan, a non-paying customer, or non-payment of a judgment. CDM LAW collection attorneys in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania provide solutions for our clients that are efficient and cost-effective.